Are You Ready To Help?

When people are in need, we all want to help. But it can be difficult to know which way to turn. The enormity of the task can be intimidating. And the biggest barrier for many people is the thought that “I don’t have much to give … how can I make a difference?”

Even the smallest gift can make an enormous positive impact in a child’s life. Here’s what we can do with your contribution of:

  • Shoes
  • $10donation
  • Put a pair of shoes on a child’s feet. There are hundreds of children in our region who go to school in worn, leaky shoes because their families cannot afford new ones.
  • Clothing
  • $15donation
  • Give a child a new pair of pants or a new skirt. Many children wear old, worn hand-me-down clothes because that’s all their families can afford.
  • Family Outting
  • $20donation
  • Allow a family to take a child out to a favorite restaurant to celebrate a birthday, a good report card or other milestone. Many families cannot afford restaurant meals, even for special occasions.
  • Bicycle Helmet
  • $25donation
  • Put a bicycle helmet on a child’s head – making sure he or she doesn’t become one of the 30,000 each year to suffer serious head injuries in bicycle accidents.
  • Winter Clothing
  • $50donation
  • Outfit a child with a winter coat and boots. Each winter, teachers see children who have neither.
  • Bicycle
  • $100donation
  • Buy a child a bike. It’s as important to a child as a car is to an adult – the way he or she visits friends and explores the world.
  • The Gift of Technology
  • $500donation
  • Your gift of $500 ensures that one of our ‘Kids Who Care’ will receive a laptop computer, giving them the tools they need for success.
  • Educational Needs
  • $1,000donation
  • Help cover the cost of educating a young person through a scholarship.