Putting Citizenship In Motion

Our society has an elaborate system of rewards for a child’s athletic achievement. We have rewards for a child’s academic achievement.

But the health and happiness of our community and our society depend on good citizenship.

What do we do to reward a child for being a good citizen?

That’s why we started our Bike Drop program. Each year, we make dozens of bicycles available to schools and Boys & Girls Clubs throughout the Tri-City area. They’re given to children as rewards for good citizenship. Whenever a child is “caught” doing a good deed or helping another student, his or her name is entered into a drawing for the bike.

Does this positive reinforcement make a difference? We think so! We’ve seen one great example. One year, a boy who won a bike asked if he could give it to a friend who didn’t have his own bike.

To us, that’s what good citizenship is all about.