It’s Scholarship Time!

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The Horizon Belongs To Everyone

There are scholarships for kids who are “top of the class.” There are scholarships for outstanding athletes. There are scholarships for achievers in particular subjects or extra-curricular activities.

But where are the scholarships for “kids in the middle?” What assistance is there for the kids for whom it doesn’t come easy? The kids who have to work a little bit harder … and do? The kids who aren’t eligible for many of the other scholarships … but who have still made a difference in the communities?

They’re right here. Each year, we award scholarships to a limited number of students from the area.

Our criteria are simple. We consider their grades, their goals for the future, and what they’ve done to make a positive impact in their community. Our goal is just as simple. To reward kids for trying their best … because that effort is essential in building the self-worth of our young people.

Congratulations to our 2016 Scholarships Winners

Maier & Associates Charitable Foundation Scholarship Winners:
Sean Beckom – Heritage High School
Drew Bolzman – Garber High School
Robert Burdick – Bullock Creek High School
Dakota Doyen – Bay City Central High School
Kaleigh Doyen – Bay City Central High School
Johnnie Johnson III – Saginaw High School
Mackenzie Nesbit – John Glenn High School
Adam Pelletier – Bay City Central High School
Cristian Schnell – John Glenn High School
Jarrid Weighman – Swan Valley High School
Holly Young – Dow High School

Paul Devlin Scholarship Winner:
Valencia Mejia – Carrollton High School

Maier & Associates Facing Adversity Scholarship Winner:
Katelynn Jacob – Arthur Hill High School

Zach Rose Memorial Scholarship Winners:
Megan Blohm – Western High School
Laura Estrada – Western High School
Josh Martinski – Western High School
Melissa Wegener – Western High School

Just for Kids Youth Board Scholarship Winners:
Riley Cunningham – John Glenn High School
Zach Dahlberg – John Glenn High School
Rachel Dunn – John Glenn High School
Holly English – John Glenn High School
Madison Lefevre – Western High School
Olivia Nicholas – John Glenn High School
Alissa Osterhagen – Western High School
Melanie Thomas – Garber High School
Jacob Trogan – John Glenn High School